About Me

Make Peace the Chief organizing Principle of your Life and judge everything by that standard.

Kareem has shown chameleon-like versatility in roles as far- reaching as the classic ‘Romeo’ in “Romeo and Juliet” to the contemporary treasure ‘Corey’ in August Wilson’s masterpiece “Fences” and the British urban drama “Elmina’s Kitchen” in the theater; while also appearing in numerous projects made for Film and Television. He trained in the Professional Theater Training Program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Kareem was nominated by NAACP as Best Lead Actor in a Play for his stunning performance in “Free Man Color”. Kareem’s evolution as a consummate artist is evidenced by his reach beyond that of a performer to Director and Producer.

This Fall of 2015 Kareem will produce the new play “Watching O.J.” Which deals with a cross section of the Los Angeles population on the day of the verdict in the 1995 O.J. Simpson trial. He is also writing his first full-length film “Roman” which he will produce and direct in 2016. When Kareem is not being grounded in some artistic endeavor he can be found in the air, near his home airport as he is a self declared aviation geek who became a licensed pilot at age seventeen.

stay tuned more greatness coming soon…